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xi-takk toy

Xi-Takk is a ruthless taxi cab and the most powerful Lutabot pollutant. Xi- Takk holds a deadly sword given by Lu-Sho

He can communicate to his fellow lutabots through his taxi sign. And Lu-Sho's most favorite Lutabot.


Xi- Takk is a green and yellow Lutabot with red feet, yellow arm guards that resemble flames. The cointainment of the pollutant bears a resemblance to a bull. Below it he has yellow armor. His head bears a resemblance to the logo of the Armado Clan.


Intelligence: 5




Special Skill:4

How to make Xi-TakkEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the red lines.
  2. Fold the broken lines.
  3. Glue Main Body to itself as labeled.
  4. Glue Roof to Main Body as labeled (R1 & R2).
  5. Glue Signage to itself to form a triangle.
  6. Glue Signage to Signage Bar.
  7. Glue Tires to Main Body as labeled (T1, T2, T3 & T4).
  8. Glue Signage Bar to Roof.
  9. Glue the Arms to Main Body.
  10. Glue Sword Sides A and B back to back.
  11. Insert sword onto either hand.


  • Xi- Takk is taxi with the syllables in the reverse order (Tak and xi) backwards.
  • Lu-Sho must trust Xi- Takk very much because,he personally gave him his sword.
  • Xi- Takk's head resembles Dominador Cabo's helmet despite the fact Dominador is actually Lu-Sho.
  • The head of Xi- Takk looks like the symbol of the Armado Clan.
  • Xi- Takk is possibly the most powerful Lutabot because most of his stats are 4 and one is 5. (Lu-Sho had the same case with four 5s and 1 4 but was changed.)
  • Xi- Takk is the first robot with a non-letter in his name. (Lu-Sho isn't counted as he isn't really a robot.)

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