X-tron is truth Foldabot and he wants a partner like a tournament as a fighter and he committed these 4 guys to tag
like a teamwork.In water area to reach their hands Alon & Agos are helping together at the Philippine Sea,in earth area to teamwork with Ukay and grabbed hands to use sword and attacking Lutabot,then fire area Liyab to teach his summon with his torque boosts to transformed as Grumman X-29 jet mode to keep his speed and concentrate his test and finally wind area was helping by Tutubi was performed with atomic twister and traps Lutabots to damages around armored-plate and crashes to win this battle.


  • His sword to damages enemies.
  • His hands to magnet hands with engage magnetized.
  • His eyes to use laser beam and attack enemies.
  • Maximum speed to reduces strength.
  • Supersonic with pointy-nose to blasts enemies.
  • Flammable-tackled to damage like spear.