Wranger is the powerful Foldabot and he wants like a Dark Ages.

He lives in Shell Gas station.


Wranger with his patrolman Praseodynous

He was the American corporal-soldier, and belongs in United States of America that fights enemies from Lutant tanks and makes them pay. After they finished mission, his captain Kapre is a tank mode, he transformed into 1996 Jeep Wrangler or even Dodge Wrangler TJ in alternate mode. He lives in police department in Neo-Republika where his partner Praseodynous and secure the city.



  • He can throw his spare tire as a projectile.
  • An agimat-living on his chest plate.
  • His punches that takes speed punches.


  • He has Straight-4 engine motor.
  • He can drive every direction on dirt,snow or anywhere.

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