Wa-Sakk is a Lutabot that appeared in the September 2012 issue of K-Zone Phillippines. He is a Lutabot design from the Lutabots design contest. The other Foldabots just like him is Mannangal. His partner is Du-Rogg, who will be appearing in the October issue of K-Zone Phillippines.

Unlike the others too, Wa-Sakk is one of the parts to form the second Diadrone. He forms the 2nd Diadrone's arms.



WA-SAKK is a wrecked car left at the city dump site many years ago.He was salvaged by LU-SHO and,along with his partner DU-ROGG,wreaks havoc when they combine into DIADRONE MODE.His titanium claws can rip through metal and inject LUTANT GOO into other robots' circuitry.He prefers his robot mose despte his disfigured face-and anyone who teases him about it is minced metal!


  1. CUT out all patterns along the colored outlines.
  2. FOLD along all the broken lines.
  3. GLUE Main Body 1 to itself,then Glue Main Body 2 to itself.
  4. GLUE the roof to itself,then GLUE it to Main Body 2.
  5. Glue each sleeve to itself.
  6. GLUE one sleeve to each side of Main Body 1,then glue all Tires.
  7. GLUE Thumb to the back of each hand,then GLUE the Arms to Main Body 1.
  8. SLIP Main Body 2 into Main Body 1.DO NOT GLUE THEM TOGETHER.






Special Skill:5


Lutabot ModeEdit

  • His leathal claws are coated with Lutant goo
  • His exoskeleton makes him imperviousmto heat
  • He has a short-fused logic

Car ModeEdit

  • He is a junk car dotted with dirt and dust
  • His deformed body,as well as his broken windows,acts as a good defensive disguise.

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