Vikzeroid is a skulduggery British accent roadster car and the worst Lutabot that takes any hot rod cars. Vikzeroid


holds a bio cannon given with his partner Xi-Takk as a blacksmith.

He can terminate all Foldabots and gets to victory for the Lutabots or pretends to be fellow lutabot was a taxi disguise.

He transformed as a 1932 Ford De Luxe Coupe V8.


Lutabot ModeEdit

  • The lutant splat on his chest plate.
  • His kicks while they attacks nearby stuns with iron boots.
  • Bio cannon that he armed and blasts with powerful stench.

Roadster ModeEdit

  • With a passenger as a taxi to victimize passenger with a carbon monoxide.
  • Headlights with night vision.

Cannon ModeEdit

  • Bio cannon that has one shot and blasts sewage.


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