Verzorate hold his lightsaber.

Verzorate is a crooky taxi has disguised and he's a passionate, pyro-fanatic Lutabot. He's arrogant like Verdetron has emotion and no look good. He's also a taxi and he likes to ride from these no good passengers and taking has raped out which has air-cooled they have pollutant smoke and belching those victims. He holds his light saber to cut enemies and his gas mask protect those air-cooled getting paralyzed he's a anti-defender of the city.


  • Toyota Verso 

Horsepower: 132hp

Body style: 5-door estate

Engine: Petrol

Transmission: 6-speed manual


  • His lightsaber to cut enemies.
  • His gas mask to protect from those air freshners.
  • In taxi mode, he does not have air-cooled he has smokescreen to belching citizens.


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