Vagnaline likes Karera whole bunches of lots. Maybe he was a agent and race car driver should form a club or

He thinks like Karera or even he's a legend car or rookie car?

member or supporter. When the Foldabots he's not villainous to change his mind is set up, he's charming, solitude and not so fearsome or taking their business of the greatest racer in Ferrari formula one car named Karera.

He transformed into sports car in alternate mode.


  • 1948 Ferrari 166 S

Horsepower: 140hp

Body style: Spider

Engine: V12

Transmission: 4-speed automatic


  • He has agimat-living on his chest.
  • In car mode, he open with his trunk and uses rocket blasters.
  • He has 2.0 L Colombo V12 engine-motor.
  • Sun visor with built-in solar cell.


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