ultimate agimat buhawi is a blue, yellow and gray foldabots that appeared on foldabots toy book 6

before he became this he was just ordinary buhawi . buhawi's ultimate agimat form reflects his burning desire to protect life and defend all organic beings from harm. his agimat energy can transform into an agimat sword that can slice any known metal and damage robotic circuitry . ulike other swords .he can change the lenth an shape of the sword but at the expense of his energy ultimate agimat buhawi can summon the bakunawa dragon spirit


intelligence 5

endurance 5

strength 5

special skill 5

speed 5


an agimat can be found in buhawi's chest

his left hand weilds the agimat energy sword for melee attacks

the right hand summons the bakunawa dragon spirit for ranged attacks


this mode is an adept night hunter with razor sharp platinum coated claws

his eagle optics can magnify targets at great distances

his sonar translators allow him to communicate with animals


his root buhawi means tornado or cyclone

his first appearance ( not normal buhawi ) is the comic issue converging storms

he can summon bakunawa's spirit because bakunawa saved him

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