A Foldabot that appears in November 2013 K-Zone.


Tulos is a formidable FOLDABOT warrior who can withstand huge amounts of bodily damage. Thanks to his power generators, he can instantly replenish his agimat energy. In rhinoceros mode, he can crush LUTABOT circuitry with his eletrically charged front horn.


Foldabot modeEdit

  • The agimat on TULOS' chest gives him spirit energy.
  • His horns double as lethal weapons for melee attacks.

Rhinoceros modeEdit

  • His photon blasters make up for his lack of speed.
  • His electrically charged front horn can short-circuit the enemy's wiring. Solar collectors are concealed under the animaskin hide on his back.


Intelligence: 2

Endurance: 5

Strength: 5

Speed: 1

Special Skill: 4

Create Your Own Foldabots 2-in-1 Toy!Edit

  1. CUT out all patterns along the colored outlines.
  2. FOLD along all the broken lines.
  3. GLUE Main Body to itself. (Fig.1)
  4. FOLD Horns 1 and 2 inward. DO NOT GLUE. (Fig.2)
  5. GLUE Mouth, Ears, Horn 1, and Horn 2 to Main Body as labeled. (Fig.3)
  6. GLUE Arms to Main Body. (Fig.4)
  7. GLUE Back to Main Body. (Fig.5)
  8. GLUE Blasters under the Back flaps. Make sure they point forward. (Fig.6)
  9. GLUE Front Leg 1 to itself, on the small green tab, to create a sleeve. Repeat for all other Legs. (Fig.7)
  10. ATTACH each Leg to Main Body using a paper clip. (Fig.8)


SLIP one Weapon into each hand. DO NOT GLUE.


  • Tulos means "earth".
    • Tulos turns into Foldabot mode.
    • Tulos turns into rhinoceros mode.

- It is unknown in the comics how will the Foldabots get a rhino in the Philippines

- Probably like the Gubabots Tulos can get overcome by his beast mode

Preceded by Asero

Followed by Lakbay

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