Tu-Lock is a Foldabot Diadrone created by Landas.
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Tu-Lock is a bullish Foldabot Diadrone created by Landas to help rebuild Neo-Republika. He has a one-track mind which is great because he get things done, but it can also get in the way when he has to work in a team. He is aware of his value as a massive powerhouse and enjoys giving his team a pep talk every now and then. He combines with Tinidrone to form the Agimat Blaster.


  • Has a dense superstructure
  • His crawlers interlock to give him extra stability
  • Has thermostatic plating
  • Has razor-sharp edges of his plate double serve as his offensive weapons.
  • His plate can hold concentrated agimat energy.


Intelligence: 4

Endurance: 5

Strength: 4

Speed: 1

Special Skill: 4


  • He is the first Foldabot Diadrone
    to speak in the comics.

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