Tipaklone is a Lutabot. He appeared in the December 2011 issue of K-Zone. he turns into Pesteron's left arm


Tipaklone is the slickest among his Pestebot comrades. His hind help him dish out lethal kicks and make quick robot mode, he can crush his opponents with his strangler grab and saw through metal with serrated limbs. He devours most of what he sees , which gives him an extra foul Lutant breath. He turns into Pestetron's left arm.


Tipaklone is a Lutabot that transforms into a grasshoper. He has a skull like face, Scythe-like arms which are also his Grasshopper back legs. Like all Lutabots,he has a lutant splat on his chest.








Lutabot ModeEdit

  • A Lutant splat is found in TIPAKLONE's chest plate.
  • He is protected by ridged armor plating.
  • His enhanced exo-structure prevents corrosion.

Grasshoper ModeEdit

  • He can camouflage himself to hide from enemies or ambush them.
  • He can leap to great heights.


  • Tipaklone's name is a combination of "tipaklong" meaning "grasshopper" and "clone"
  • Judjing by the word "klone" in his name, we can say that he has a clone or has cloning powers.
  • Along with leader Bugbog, their alternate modes aren't really pests.
  • Tipaklone, with Mothara and Bugbog, appeared in the comics before becoming toys.
  • Tipaklone has 8 legs. Real grasshoppers have only 6.
  • Tipaklone is the third Lutabot to have no hands/fingers. The second is Amihanator and the first is Gaseratron.
  • Tipaklone is often mispelled as Tipaclone instead of Tipaklone.
  • Tipaklone's head resembles a skull.
  • Tipaklone is the first Lutabot (not a combiner) to appear on the cover of K-zone Philippines.

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