Tiktik is evil or pure evil,mad scientist as a regardless of appearance was Buhawi's clone.


He's a clone of Buhawi as a clone eagle.

Tiktik is assassin Lutabot and fights like a bastard Foldabot to brings him a fight back and he skilled to use claws scratches armored and kicks to heel kick,while suddenly the dark similitudes he says "Hello,Buhawi" and Tiktik speaks softly.

Tiktik is assassin,ruthless,thugness,unbehaviour,wicked utterly most dangerous laugh but he survived was "Doomsday Device" will killed Buhawi in creepy forest.While Tiktik transformed into Black Eagle that he screech and stuns enemies he soars really fasts and hunts animals like Buhawi,Ramo,Kuwago and other animals of Foldabot in this forest was Tiktik's privacy.



    The clone of Buhawi is Tiktik.

  • His chest with black lutant and green is glowing-blast stunned enemies with his evil eye.
  • His hands to scratched over Buhawi's health.
  • His heel kick to stun over Buhawi and he immuned over Buhawi.

  • Recharge energy to produced "Dark Pyrokinesis Flame".
  • His fire attack to use fire ball breath.
  • His wings to swoop his wings and gusts fire projectiles on the ground damages enemies.
  • His sonar forest call as a clone to call other creepy creatures and attacks over Buhawi.


  • Tiktik means "prey".
  • Tiktik is the Dark of Mindless and Dark King.
  • Tiktik was client by Lu-Sho.
  • Tiktik is leader of evil Lu-sho's insignificantly rage plan.

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