Tigasan is a destruction saboteur Lutabot, he's saboteur emotions have crush all trees in the forest, even islands and more like beaches to destroy every lives in Neo-Republika. His powerful claws can grow with his branch and crash other trees to make lutant plants, and his horns blasts with powerful hypnotize to confuse Foldabots.

He transforms into ferocious plant monster.


Lutabot ModeEdit

  • A Lutant splat is found in Tigasan's compartment.

    Tigasan turns into plant monster.

  • His hand can stretch and remove brahches of these trees.
  • His head have horns to hypnotize Foldabots.

Plant monster modeEdit

  • In plant monster Mode, his arms and feet drain energy from the trees.
  • His powerful shoulder have shell protection.


  • Tigasan means heavy.
  • Tigasan is a saboteur Lutabot.

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