Teslazong is an electric car or sports car Foldabot.

When this hero he can scratch his hands that hits every Lutabots to fight and heals with the probleam of electric circuitry with every Foldabots.

His personality have noble, intelligence and humble of joy for fixing the Foldabots and fight Lutabots.

It transformed into battery electric vehicle in alternate mode.


  • Tesla Roadster

Horsepower: 248hp

Body style: 2-door roadster

Engine: Dipole

Transmission: Single speed fixed gear


  • He has a sport-tuned motor.
  • He uses nitro boosters to freeze Lutabots.
  • He is protected by ridged armor plate.
  • His hands can scratch every Lutabots or heal the electric circuit every Foldabots.


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