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Talim is the member of the Saurobots and is the left arm saurotron and battled Pangil


Talim is a Foldabot that appeared in the December 2009 issue of K-Zone.


If you're looking for a Foldabot built for prehistoric battle, Talim is you're guy! With razor-sharp claws, a tail whip and razor sharp claws that can cut through any known metal, Talim can hunt down pesky Lutants that dare to destroy the prehistoric world. His back fin acts as a solar panel that boosts energy levels. At home in the battlefield, Talim is a bit short on wit- a fact no one dares mention, except for the hot-tempered Bato. Talim combines into Saurotron's left arm, which utilizes his powerful jaws for his hand. His colors you ask? Green and Red.


Talim is a Saurobot and his colors are green and red. He can communicate with the other Saurobots using special brainwaves. He has an enhanced exostructure for heavy battles. He has highly advanced olfactory sensors. In both Foldabot and Spinosaurus modes, his claws are his primary weapons.


Intelligence: 1

Endurance: 4

Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Special Skill: 2


  • Talim means "Sharp" or "Edge" or "Sharpedge"
  • Talim shares his name with Soul Calibur character Talim. Unlike him however, Talim (Soul Calibur) is female while he is male. Interestingly though, they're both Filipino.
  • The top of his head resembles his Spinosaurus spine.
  • Talim is the only carnivore of the Saurobots team.
  • Talim is the only bipedal (2-legged) member of the Saurobots and the other one of three bipeds in the entire Foldabot team. The other two is Tikbalang and Dakotron (Caloy's Aura-san).
  • Talim is different than a regular Spinosaurus. The sail of a typical Spinosaurus has it's sail only on its back. This is correct on his toy mode, but not in his official artwork and comic appearance as the sail is shown to cover his entire upper body.