TALAS is a brown,yellow and orange Foldabot who belong to the sub-group likasbots and turns into

the arms of likastron. She transforms to a Phillipines porcupine. She have the power to shoot spikes fr

-om her arms.She can also shoot all her skipes from her whole body is she turns into porcupine form.

She have appeared in K-zone issue no.94 in May 2014

Talas and kagwang

Talas with her fellow likasbot



-TALAS is LIKASBOT with an explosive personality.

In porcupine mode,she gather,s heat

from the earth,s core and stores it

as potencial energy in robot mode.

She hurl skipes at any LUTABOT who

dare,s disturb her her forest sanctuary.

She turn into LIKASBOT,S arm


-TALAS mean scrouge in Filipino

-She is created by Lester Bernaldez

- She change gender from boy (Lester design) to girl (K-ZONE design).

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