Swishlash is a generosity and enthusiastic Foldabot.

Swishlash lives in J.Ruiz Train Station 2.

He is one spaceman or astronaut who lives in moon and taking trip in J.Ruiz Station 2 in Neo-Republika that he lives other countries. He is so generosity and very unconsciousness over reacting is well-being Foldabot, that they know Lutabots better one or another. He transforms as three door hatchback small car in alternate mode.


  • Mitsubishi SUW Compact

Horsepower: 104hp

Body style: 3-door hatchback

Engine: Internal combustion engine




  • His charge beam that blasts enemies.
  • His hands had a vice grip to grappled lutants.
  • An agimat living on his chest carbon plate.
  • He has powertrain engine motor.
  • His kicks have smash attacks.


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