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Leader ControversyEdit

There has been a debate in the Foldabot's official group on who is the leader or the Supremobots. Some have said it's Amihanator as she is the torso, while others say it's Tigastron. Here are probably some of the reasons why Amihanator is the leader.


  • Amihanator forms the torso. Most of the leaders form the torso with the exception of Riles.
  • Amihanator has good stats.
  • Amihanator is said to be leader. Even Jomike Tejido agrees to this.
  • She is also the most valuable member of the Supremobots.


  • The name is "Supremo" meaning Supreme.
  • All the members are former Foldabots members.
  • All members came from the Foldabot Minis with the exception of Gaseratron.

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