Supercub is the friendliest Foldabot that helps with Landas's partner. He was the blue mage on his optical eyes that learn on his powers.

Broom-broom on the go.


Supercub is a blue and violet Foldabot with his feet like skates on his legs and has mirrors on his head. He has underbone and at the same time on his speed. Like all the rest of Foldabots instead.




Foldabot ModeEdit

  • Life-giving Agimat on his plate.
  • His skates that slices around.
  • His optical eyes that visual minds and copier their powers.
  • His mind-muddling that paralyzed Lutabots.

Motorcycle ModeEdit

  • Has 3 or 4 speed automatic drive.
  • Has 4-stroke air-cooled single engine.

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