Sunugan will burns the entire city and he's paranoia.

Sunugan is a powerful guardian and nemesis pilot Lutabot that he kidnapped everyone, that turns into ruthless airplane and make no mistake, with these robbery to make the entire airport strikes with these Lutabot gangs and take the airport with his powerful mind and calls everyone.

Sunugan is a hot, passionate can burn the entire city and less paranoia for instead.


Sunugan turns into airplane mode.


Lutabot ModeEdit

  • A Lutant splat is found in Amihanator's chest.
  • His hand fins can spin and drill through metal.
  • His wings can affect electromagnetic fields, disrupting the flight patterns of other airplanes.
  • His hands can blasts plenty of fire.

Airplane modeEdit

  • In Airplane Mode, his wings collect energy from the sun.
  • His turbines convert wind energy to electricity.


  • Sunugan means burn.
  • Sunugan looks like "Philippine Airlines Jet".
  • Sunugan is actually based that looks like Boeing 747-400.

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