Sunog is a lutabot appears in December 2012 issue of K-zone Magazine.He is also a lutabot design in Lutabots design contest he turn's into Magmatron's right hand.
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A member of the Magmabots,Sunog is a destroyer tank whose dense metal alloy structure makes him impervious to heat .He loves sucking up to their leader Abominator,and takes pride in always being at the front line during battle.He turns into Magmatron's right arm.






Special Skill:5


Sunog's face has a horns and wearing shades and his arms are diabolical claws like all lutabots he has a lutant splat in his chest and gives him toxic energy.

Lutabot ModeEdit

  • The Lutant splat in Sunog's chest gives him toxic energy.
  • His lethal twin blades act as diabolical claws.
  • His dense exostructure is impenetrable to heatTank mode
  • His spikes protect his blade attachments.
  • ==Tank mode==
  • His spikes protect his blade attachments.
  • His giant steel blades destroy everything in his path.
  • His crawlers are impervious to heat.
  • ==How to build Sunog==
  1. Cut out patterns along the colored outlines.
  2. Fold along the broken lines.
  3. Glue main body to itself.[fig.1]
  4. Glue arms to main body.[Fig.2]
  5. Glue Blade sides A and B back-to-back .Do this for all four blades.[fig.3]
  6. Glue each crawler to itself.[Fig.4]
  7. Glue Top,Spikes,Crawlers and Tires to Main body as labeled.Glue Magmatron's hand to main body under the front flap.[Fig.5]
  8. Glue Back to Main Body.[Fig.6]

For Destroyer Tank mode:

  1. For each set,Fold the flat End of each blade to form an L shape .Slip them into each other at the slits.[Fig.7]
  2. INSERT the two blades sets into the  front flap of the tank.[Fig.8]

For Robot mode:

Slip two blades into each of his arms.


  • Sunog means "Fire" in filipino word.
  • He has a Hand held blade.
  • in official artwork sunog wearing shades but in toy version his eyes are appearing.

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