Sundo appeared in the Foldabots Toy Book 3. He is the cover Foldabot.
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Sundo's personality is a study in contradictions: On the one hand,he's kindhearted and protective towards humans,especially kids; on the other, he's a ruthless warrior and a martial arts expert. In school service van mode, Sundo can easily drive around to accomplish his missions and serve mankind.


Sundo is a yellow and black Foldabot that appeared in the Foldabots Toy Book 3. In the comics, the Sundo clones were created to fight off the evil Rangkada clones.






Special skill:2

How to make SUNDOEdit

1.Cut out all patterns.Follow the red lines

2.Fold the broken lines

3.Glue Main Body to itself(Fig.1)

4.Glue Roof to Main Body(Fig.2)

5.Glue Tires 1 to 4 to main body as labeled.(Fig.3)

6.Glue Arms L and R to main body.(Fig.4)


  • Sundo means "Bring Home"
  • If Sundo's head cover was removed, he bears a resemblance to Bumblebee from Transformers.
  • Sundo(along with Landas)is the only Foldabot to debut in a Toy Book instead of K-zone
  • Sundo was revealed to be in ToyBook 3 when a fan asked Jomike Tejido in Facebook.
  • Sundo is the first Foldabot with clones, however, since all but one clone was destroyed by Rangkada's clone army, only one Sundo remains to this day.
  • Sundo's alternate mode resembles a Mitsubishi L300 van.
  • Sundo is the Second officail fan-made FOLDABOT.
    • The first one being ASTIG 2.
      • However,ASTIG 2 only had a new paint job.

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