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ulatron is red and silver lutabot that apeared in the July 2010 issue of K-Zone .He has a mystical staff that can release a dragon. He turns into a red ballpen.



-Has a life giving pollutant in his chest.

-Can summon a powerful dragon from his staff.

-As a pen, he writes vicious statements


  • Sulatron's root "Sulat", means write.
  • Technically speaking, Sulatron is the first robot to switch sides as in his and Guhitron's debut comic issue, Sulatron was already created by Caloy with an agimat and is lost along his way to school and one of Lu-Sho's pollutant got to him.
  • Sulatron along with Guhitron are barely detailed in the comic due to them being very small.

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