Sudserack was a judo-style that mask was a warrior foldabot is the genius,loyal and he's a performance can resisted

"I'm a ninja" says Sudserack.

with an only side by side Competissione,he's the teacher can he teach his skills top performed with a pipe turns into non-firing guns and blasts enemies attacks with lead bullets.He's a bravery,nerdiness and nothing can stop by enermous lutants to protect the people and rescue the citizens.His speed to dodge with Lu-Sho's powers and drives with a citizen to keep safe.Sudserack transformed into Alfa Romeo Alfasud mode.


  • An agimat is found in SUDSERACK's chest.
  • His hands to chop like judo-style.
  • Holds the pipe to turns into non-firing guns and blasts turns with lead bullets.

    Foldabot Sudserack in Alfa Romeo Alfasud mode.

  • He has highly optic mask.
  • He has a Flat H4 Motor.
  • His headlights flash in the dark which he stuns the red eye attacked.
  • He carries people in two-seats.

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