Sporticus is the combined form of the Sporticons. He is composed of Buhatron, Rojotron, Verdetron,
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Violeta and Azurenator. These Lutabots combine to make a huge Lutabot Combiner.


SPORTICUS is composed of the SPORTICONS Rojotron, Verdetron, Violeta and Azurenator who all combine to reinforce BUHATRON. As a fortified giant, SPORTICUS can stand up to his leader, LU-SHO, who often bullies him. Sporticus' car door boomerangs are his lethal long-range weapons and are conveniently stored in his shoulder bars.


Actually, his appearance looks like Buhatron equipped with the other sports cars.



  • He can shoot nitro blasters from Rojotron's hood.
  • Violeta's bow and arrow can help Sporticus in long ranged combat.
  • The Sporticons' car doors double as boomerangs.
  • According to the comics, He can shoot multiple ice shards

How to build SporticusEdit

  1. Attach Rojotron to Buhatron's right arm using a paper clip.
  2. Attach Verdetron to Buhatron's left arm using a paper clip.
  3. Attach Azurenator to Buhatron's right trailer post using a paper clip.
  4. Attach Violeta to Buhatron's left trailer post using a paper clip.
  5. Slip Rojotron's car doors on Buhatron's shoulders. Behind it, slip the rest of the car doors in this order: Verdetron, Violeta and Azurenator.
  6. To form boomerangs, detach both car doors and slip one through the opposite slit of the other.


  • He is the fifth Lutabot combiner.
  • Sporticus' name is a combination of the word sport and the Roman gladiator Spartacus.
  • Sporticus is the third Lutabot combiner with its leader not being the torso.
  • Sporticus is the first (overall) to all members' alternate mode are the same.
  • Sporticus is the first to have a combiner to not be a member but uses to combined.
  • Sporticus and Diadrone(Kalawang and Tetanoc combined) have no official artwork so far until toy book 8