Speedsire is a deity Foldabot, that protects in this race with his safegurd by attacking the lasers and the safeguard bounce the lasers, so the enemies blasts away from good and blinks.

Speedsire has some serious moves.


  • He has some various powers like power cannons.
  • He has telekinesis to face by face personality psychic powers.
  • He has drain powers to keep lutant goos out of the way.
  • He has safeguard to protect any happen.
  • He has V12 tuned motor.
  • He has super speed with his jet pack.
  • He has slow gun to sluggered around time with his headlights and blasts out of his lights.


Speedsire is a speed, roughly with his armor covered with carbon fibre and his paint job white that can based Peugeot 908 Le Mans Race car. They can reflect their faces of these enemies, he can change with his telekinesis powers and make personality of those enemies. He was really fearsome and attitude good-sport normally seems like a pardon like soldier.


  • Speedsire's based of [1].

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