Siklo is a purple Foldabot that appeared in the November 2007 issue of the K-Zone magazine.


Siklo appears as a purple foldabot that transforms into a tricycle in alternate mode. Like all of the other Foldabots, he has a life-giving agimat that glows in his chest compartment. He may be a humble tricycle in vehicle mode, but in Foldabot mode, he's one mean speed machine.

He is almost as fast as Foldabot Karera when he's on his hover board. He teams up with Kislap to form the unstoppable Foldabot team.


  • Hover board has turbo chargers for better acceleration.
  • Ultra dense, extremely tough exostructure.
  • Photon blasters.
  • Enhanced tire grips adjust to any terrain.
  • Special lenses give him X-ray vision that allow him to detect foes hiding around corners.
  • He can fire audio disruptor waves from his arm compartments that can store numerous amazing gadgets.


Intelligence: 3

Endurance: 4

Strength: 3

Speed: 4

Special Skill: 3

How to Make SikloEdit

  1. Cut out all patterns. Follow the green broken lines.
  2. Fold the violet lines.
  3. Glue the Main Body to itself.
  4. Curl Wheel A and glue it to itself on the red area to form a circle. Repeat with Wheels B & C.
  5. Glue all Wheels.
  6. Glue Arms to Main Body.
  7. Glue Part A behind robot head.
  8. Create the Cab by gluing the four flaps to the blue corners.
  9. Glue the Roof on the Cab.


  • Siklo's name is probably the word "motorsiklo"(Tagalog for motorcycle) without the word "motor".
  • Siklo is the first Foldabot where a part of their Alt. mode isn't a part of the Foldabot mode.
  • Siklo might have had a sort-of relationship with Kislap in the Dark Ages as it says in his bio that they team up to form a team, which might indicate that he's also a sorceror like Kislap is a sorceress.

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