He wants to grudge on his paint armor.

Shelbiplex is an orange Foldabot.

Shelbiplex was the barrage driver to fight someone with these freaks and fools drivers for stop drunk was a police officer to fight drunk hobbits and more things to do very illegally fooled. His driving skills have drifting, jumping and blind enemies with headlights and personality have lucky and anger for stopping those drunkers with these citizens from the city.

It transformed into pony car in alternate mode.


  • Shelby Cobra GT500KR 68'

Horsepower: 335hp

Body style: 2-door convertible

Engine: V8

Transmission: 4-speed manual


  • Photon blasters.
  • Shining lights to blind enemies.
  • Taillights to confused causes red eyes.
  • He has V8 engine.
  • His hotrod engine to energize powered proof.


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