Scyzerzor is a carelessly and good-sport Foldabot that he was transforms into coupe car in alternate vehicle


SCYZERZOR, who can camouflage himself in white wall can never seen, but he's to try to kill Verdetron and he's a sniper or assassinate Foldabot but the ninja-like for many times. He's a secret assassin for the Nissan Cars which can protect with Nuno and the rest of Foldabots to make any races and save to cause any trouble like Verdetron blasts his lasers and destroy the road. While Lu-sho traps Scyzerzor and discard by Lu-sho dumps Scyzerzor from the dumpsite. Now he changes color with his paint white and the rest of Foldabot can change his armor turns into generous Foldabot.


  • Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo 1998

Horsepower: 276hp

Style: 2+2

Engine: V6

Transmission: 4-speed automatic


  • The life-giving agimat on his chest compartment.
  • He has a powerful defensive shield.
  • He can camouflage among the walls and others.
  • He has a sport-tuned motor.
  • He has super disc to defense lasers.


  • Thought he actually the [1].

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