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January 2009
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Astig Christmas Edition
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Sapotron is a Foldabot that appeared in the January 2009 issue of the K-Zone magazine, along with a Dark Ages figure, Danak. He is part of the subgroup of Foldabots called the Mikrobots.


Sapotron is part of a sub-group of foldabots called the Mikrobots .In the field of espionage,Sapotron excels at weaving clever traps that no LUTABOT can escape! His multiple optic sensors can detect incoming threaths,and using his charged electro-webbing, he can climb up walls and nab unsuspecting targets.When drawing on the power of the ULTIMATE AGIMAT FORCE,he wields NUNCHUKS.In the Mikrobots combined mode, Sapotron turns into MIKROKOSMOS'S left leg.

page of Sapotron in toy book 4


In Foldabot mode, Sapotron appears as a red, grey and brown Foldabot with six eyes and has a life-giving agimat that glows in his chest compartment. He can also, harness his electro-webbing threads to climb walls and grab Lu-sho's small minions with his metallic claws. In alternate mode, he appears as a spider that has Mikrobot body camouflage and armor. In combined mode, he turns into Mikrokosmos' left leg.He will be also featured in the Foldabots Toybook 4.He wields an ultimat agimat force:the nunchucks.


  • Six optic sensors with night vision.
  • Claws are made out of tough electro-webbing.
  • He can control his electro-webbing, that can be as dangerous as a live wire when released.


Intelligence: 3

Endurance: 5

Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Special Skill: 4

Contribution to StorylineEdit

He is one of the Mikrobots who were accidentally summoned by Guhitron. Sulatron arrives with the Pestebots and they started fighting. Sapotron was fighting Bangas. Afterwards Guhitron decided to hold a tournament.


How to Make SapotronEdit

  1. Cut out all the patterns. Follow the blue lines.
  2. Fold all the green lines.
  3. Curl Abdomen and glue to Main Body.
  4. Glue Mouth under Spider Head.
  5. Glue Legs to Main Body.
  6. Glue Spider Hair on Abdomen and fold Legs.
  7. Take some string or thread and insert in Abdomen slit.
  8. Glue Claws 1 and 2 on both ends of the thread to act as a stopper. Sandwich the string between the claws

Sapotron | Alita | Patibong | Higadrone | Alakdan | Mikrokosmos


  • Sapotron's root "Sapot" meaning web.
  • Sapotron is the first Foldabot to debut on cardboard. The reissued robots in Toybook 1 were reissued. not debut
  • Sapotron is the first Foldabot to use another material other than scissors and glue.
  • He was reissued in Foldabots Toy Book 4 where he has battle damage taken from the Pestebots and summons his Ultimate Agimat Force. Also you will not glue his legs but slide them on.
    IMG 0001

    Ultimate Agimat Force : Sapotron's Nunchucks

  • His Ultimate Agimat Force is the Nunchucks.
  • He is the 1st Foldabot to wield the Ultimate Agimat Force that is included in the bio
  • He is also the 2nd Foldabot with the Ultimate Agimat Force that is debuted in the comics. The 1st is Alita.

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