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Riles was once a foldabot, until he was a victim in a trap.Then he became a lutabot and the leader of the Komyutabots


This ambitious Lutabot was once a Foldabot, until he fell victim to a maniacal Lutabot mind-control trap that turned him evil. Once a strong and silent dreamer working to take humans across Neo-Republika's central buisness district and the suburbs, RILES now wrecks havoc by endangering his passengers. His spikes can pierce through robotic armor and his number one foe is his friend-turned-nemesis, METROTREN. Riles, the Komyutabot leader, turns into Komyutatron's arms.


Riles is a Blue, Red and White Lutabot with spikes on his back and he transforms into a MRT coach. Since he is a Mechanoid Lutant, he has an evil Lutant pollutant on his chest, which gives him life.


  • SPEED: 3


Lutabot modeEdit

  • A Lutant splat is found on RILES' chest plate.
  • Wicked Lutant spikes reinforce his defense.
  • He has Lutabot mind-control horns.

Vehicle modeEdit

  • His photon blasters are solar-powered.

How to make RilesEdit

  1. Cut out all paterns in the toycard. Follow the green lines
  1. Fold all the broken lines
  1. Glue main body to itself
  1. Glue arm L to Main Body L
  1. Glue connector L to main body L
  1. Repeat steps 3,4 & 5 for main body R
  1. Clip main body L and R together for robot mode. For train mode, detach clip then reverse parts L and R so that the "train" side faces out. Clip in the center.


  • Riles means rails in English.
  • Riles is the only one in the Komyutabots without a third mode
  • Riles is the second Foldabot to switch sides, the first being Sulatron.
  • Riles is the first Lutabot to be able to split in half and not be physically harmed. His Foldabot counterpart is Manananggal, who can split in half and not be hurt or damaged.
  • Riles is the first Combiner leader to not turn into the torso when combined.
  • Riles is the 1st Lutabot whose photon blasters are solar-powered, 2nd was Kuryenticon. This is due to the fact that he was once a Foldabot.
  • Riles is the second Foldabot Minis to be reissued. the first is Sagip
  • Riles is possibly shorter than Metrotren because he only makes up one cab of an electric train while Metrotren makes up three cabs.
  • His Head resembles the Symbol of the Armado Clan
  • Riles is similar to the Supremobot Tigastron



He transformed into LRT Train.


He's a foldabot alright.

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