Ractitron is a quite, reasonable and innocent naive one Foldabot.


He's one innocent Lutabot that he escape the dumpsite and then they enters the city of Neo-Republika and then he pushes Patrol but he's not mad at all he's a good-fellow and trained him to be a Foldabot, he's no sobbing and he likes to step up and battles everyone in highway and he really knows what Nuno think he's a car but he transforms into mini mpv in alternate mode. He's so neat and not so lazy, a rouge strategist of the Foldabot. When Ractitron attacks like a hitman, he know the Lutabot better dock and covert.


  • Toyota Ractis 2010

​Horsepower: 89hp

Body style: 5-door hatchback

Transmission: 6-speed manual


  • Highly dense logic circuit storage capacity.
  • Enhanced micro-optic capability for probing and hypnotic circuitry.
  • He has the turbodiesel engine motor.
  • The life-giving agimat on his chest compartment.


  • Thought it says "Mini car" he actually based [1].

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