R-dash prime

R-Dash Prime

R-Dash Prime is a white executive car Foldabot.

The former general with the Lutabots and he quits. But now he was a Foldabot to fight dirty and heals cleaned with the reliable hygiene with his safeguard to protect from getting filthy to have ties to the Foldabots. He's going to find out you don't cross these Lutabots. If he has no regardless between his shots with his rifle gun and fighting back.

It transformed into sedan car in vehicle mode.


  • Alfa Romeo 90

Horsepower: 154hp

Body style: 4-door sedan

Engine: V6 gasoline

Transmission: 5-speed manual


  • He has safeguard.
  • Can wield a rifle gun.
  • Ridged armor plate to protect his ridged defense.
  • He has V6 engine motor.


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