Profiatron isn't much for reasonable. He is unreasonable, too unexceptable for word and very obnoxious Lutabot that

Profiatron hates to be stop to keep shouting.

he make thinks to powerful and very seems familiar. He's strong, high-strung, and obnoxious for his friends with Du-RoggTetanoc and Busado that they are the heavy partners to achieve the alliance and destroyed the police department with Patrol and Supercub they are worst policemates that tries to surrender them.

About he thinks upset only Profiatron's smashing analysis to crush all cars and he's one bruising bot' but he's too spying around the Neo-Republika and the citizens of all earth. He and Tetanoc that he like to tow acting to transforms into heavy duty cab over truck and Tetanoc was the powerful strength to tow on his hook set through hood.


  • He can use lutant and picks spare tires turns into slimes.
  • His headlight to flash like a camera made magnesium of plasma.
  • He has a diesel engine motor.


  • Thought it says "Truck", Profiatron is actually "Hino Profia" [1].

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