Praseobolt shoots with his cannon gun made from lead bullet from one shot.

Praseobolt is the robot-speaking Foldabot.

He actually a Robot accent with his voice, he's actually an electric car in alternate mode.

He lives in outer space who fight those aliens with pollutant, while Lu-Sho gave the aliens with lutant and makes a powerful monstrous creatures. He was a hunter to fight aliens from outer space.


  • Subaru R1e

Horsepower: 63hp

Body style: kei car

Engine: I4 Supercharged

Transmission: iCVT


  • He has engine made of laminated lithium-ion batteries.
  • His charger can borrow to Lupet.
  • He has two-seater passengers.
  • He has cannon guns with lead bullets.
  • His head was actually robot-style.