Porschappable is a member of Porschebots.


His head made of helmet as a shining knight.

He's one lance corporal to lead the Lutabots away from the snipers and keep shooting with his sniper gun and hits any headshots and his blade to cut Lutabots away from the opponents out. His speed have agile and his designing have powerful style paint deco to make a new career and take the action get awesome.

It transformed into grand tourer in vehicle mode.


Porschappable parks into the city.


  • Porsche 935 Martini Race Car

Horsepower: 340hp

Body style: 2-door coupe

Engine: Flat 6-turbo

Transmission: 4-speed lockable differential


  • His sword acts like a powerful blade.
  • He has shield to defense with his scratches.
  • He has super speed engine turbo level.
  • An agimat-living on his chest plate.
  • His head have silver helmet protect his cranium level.



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