Peugenesis was the kind and wise Foldabot that he was the squad of Peugbots and the series like other racers,


he's one kind, wise and true fulfilled with the same over-reaction and the powerful mood of any racers. His skillful and intelligence of his mind and he uses his head with his power-agimat and hits with storm of his hands.

He transforms into Peugeot 908 Total in alternate mode.


  • Peugeot 908 Total Race Car

Horsepower: 540hp

Chassis: Carbon fibre monocoque

Engine: V12

Transmission: 6-speed sequential manual


Foldabot ModeEdit

  • His muffler has armed with flamethrower.
  • His spoiler has armed with powerful barong.
  • The life-giving agimat on his chest compartment.
  • Can he hits with his mind-powered.

Sports Prototype Racing CarEdit

  • His muffler can accelerate with power prolonged.
  • He has sport-tuned motor.


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