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Sabre-toothed Tiger
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Pangil is a Lutabot that debuted in the August 2010 issue of K-Zone


Pangil is silver and hase yellow fur with black patterns on it. and a very good friend of Sporticon's leader Rojotron. He could use icicles to attack the enemy. He could also use his teeth as weapon when turns into a Smilodon. He forms Yelotron's left arm.


  • Intelligence 3
  • Strength 5
  • Endurance 5
  • Speed 1
  • Special Skill 4


  • Pangil means Fangs.
  • He is the first Lutabot to have an animal form.
  • He and Sisid are the only carnivores in the Yelobot group.
  • He's the left arm of Yelotron and he could shoot icicles from his mouth and in arm mode.
  • Pangil's sharp fangs also resembles as "icy cold vampire-like", which means something known as icicles.