ONDOY is the commander of the STORMICONS. He is known as a brute with a strong sense of leadership. He has the ability to summon water, wind, and lightning. In fighter jet mode, he has nuclear bombs that can produce large craters on the earth's surface. His dense armir protects him from extreme impact. ONDOY forms STORMICUS' main torso.


Intelligence: 4%

Endurance: 3%

Strentgh: 4%

Speed: 4%

Special Skill: 3%


Lutabot ModeEdit

  • A Lutant Splat is located in ONDOY's chest.
  • His hands can tear through any known metal.
  • He has a ultra-dense exostructure

Fighter Jet ModeEdit

  • His paintjob allows him to hide in nimbus clouds.
  • He has the ability to go into stealth mode.
  • His wings can absorb light energy and release it as lightning.
  • His wings carry nuclear bombs.


Design by:

Malvin Roix Orense, 13

Lipa City, Batangas

Create your own Lutabots ToyEdit

1.Cut out all patterns along the colored outlines.

2. Fold along all the broken lines.

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