Nu-Sho is a lutabot who became the cover `bot for foldabots toy book 7

Appearance Nu-sho is the foldabots' newest enemy. he was formerly Nuno, a Foldabot under the Mitochrons subgroup, before being assassinated by the fiendish Lu-sho. He is powered by His PUNSO (Pyrolithic Underground nanobase Strategic Outpost), a base that absorbs energy from polluted areas. The PUNSO also serves as an armory for his lutabot henchmen's Maximum lutant force weapons, Nu-Sho's version of the foldabots' ultimate agimat force.





special skill-5

Lutabot mode

A lutant splat gives him toxic life

His left eye assassinates unknown powers

he uses his Maximum Lutant staff to control the minds of living things, it can also damage robotic circuitry

Honda jazz Mode

He emits noxious gas that contributes to air pollution

His photon blasters can melt steel

 How to make Nu-sho

1.CUT out all the patterns along the colored outlines and FOLD along the broken lines.

2.GLUE main body to itself.

3.GLUE end of each Arm to itself to form a sleeve.

4.GLUE Arms L and R to Main Body.

5.GLUE Roof to Main Body on tabs R1 and R2.

6.GLUE Tires to Main Body as labeled.

7. GLUE Staff Sides A and B back to back.

8.GLUE Cloth to the back of Head.

9.SLIP the Staff into one Hand sleeve. DO NOT GLUE

10.HANG the cape on his back DO NOT GLUE


1.GLUE each Sleeve to itself.

2.GLUE the seven sleeves to the PUNSO.

3.GLUE the punso to the Base.


Nu-sho is a combination of the names Nuno and Lu-sho

Nu-sho is a word which means New Lu sho

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