Neonesis isn't here for stress word, he's too much stress and he's here for vengeance to feud Lutabots.


He's accompanied by his enforcer Praseodynous partner with Jalpallione and his rival ravage Peusodox. Who also to be sheared enemies into metal his powerful pipe can toss like boomerang, can attacking followed by Jalpallione catches pipe.

It transformed into sports car in alternate mode. His headlights are red to flashes plasma like a camera.


  • Honda S600

Horsepower: 57hp

Engine: Straight engine

Body style: 2-door roadster

Transmission: 4-speed manual


  • He picks a steel pipe to toss like a boomerang.
  • He has straight engine.
  • His headlights made a magnesium to flashes enemies.



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