Mustanouge is a Foldabot and he's truthful and impassion to transformed into coupe car in alternate mode. He is 



one truth and generosity of Neo-Republika and he lives the highway road.


Everyone he's one spy-gadgeteer like his powerful weapons with his concealed gun located in the left door and the shot-armed gun located in the right door in car mode. He's the agent-like professional or even supposed have circumstances forced him to pass crucial information to Shelbinator and Shelbitron, whom the two Mustangbots mistook for his clever weaponry.


  • Ford Mustang 2010

Horsepower: 542hp

Body style: Coupe

Engine: V8

Transmission: 6-speed automatic


Foldabot ModeEdit

  • His concealed gun can wield his left arm.
  • His shot-armed can wield his right arm.
  • The life-giving agimat on his chest plate.
  • His hands have powerful karate skills.

Coupe Car ModeEdit

  • He has V8 engine motor.
  • He has 4-passenger seats and 2-door coupe
  • His concealed gun has located in the left door.
  • His shot-armed has located in the right door.


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