Metalsear has originally was the high-speed train in Japan who lives and he born in Neo-Republika at the 

Metal zear

Metalsear always be adoringness.

train station, while Riles to excuse and trying to be nice to him, so he wants to fight like a dirty-fool and and trained as an automotive engineer to creates trains, he decided to tell Metrotren while he borrows agimat balls and makes a new trains. He's affectionately known was named "800 series" as he enjoys the Foldabots and he was the member of Rilecons.


  • His speed to make dashing techniques.
  • His powerful flames to burns enemies.
  • He has aluminium armor.
  • The life-giving agimat on his chest mall.


  • Metalsear is actually based in [1]or even [2].

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