Besides the usual Cardboard robots that have appeared in K-Zone. there have also been other products in the series. Here are some of them:


The 4 books feature upgraded versions of robots that have already debuted in K-Zone. From Toy Book 2 onwards, at least 2 new robots would debut in the Toy Book.


These are 3 watches representing the 3 Aura-Sans (Dakotron. Kulog & Lobo). Each come in a box with a Blup figure. (NOTE: Does not transform into a guardian robot)(Duh!) Comes in 3 colors.


Represents the 3 shirts that Caloy and Miko have worn in the comics. Though 1 exclusive color has come out already not worn by the 2. All 3 have the Foldabots logo on the front.

  • Orange Shrt (Worn by Caloy)
  • Blue Shirt (Worn by Miko)
  • White Shirt (Worn by none in the comics yet.)

There are also combiner shirts representing the comibiners. Each shirt has the Combiner surrounded by its respective members. All are only available in White.

Designs avaiable:

Blup EraserEdit

This item includes a small green kneadable eraser in the shape of Blup. The set includes a sheet of paper with Blup's eye and mouth pieces. pieces used in Blup's Bloopers and instruction on how to make him.

Foldabots Blind BoxesEdit

A box that includes 5 random robots in a wrapped box with a random Metrotren part. It also includes an Elementrobots box with the Elementrobots in it. (obviously :-p) The robots are already assembled with only afew part not attached yet (e.g. Tutubi's copter blades and Ukay's digging arm.) The appearances arethe same as the 1st Toybook.On the side of the boxes will be a catalog list of the 1st 9 FOLDABOTS (series1).

One of these figures awaits inside the box! The chances of you getting a particular FOLDABOT is 1:9.

You can get one of 9 different figures of the FOLDABOTS METALLIZED: SERIES 1 You NEVER get doubles as long as you choose from one set.

When you open the boxes, be careful, for you might lose the golden agimat sticker. This will give life to your figure when you affix the FOLDABOT six-pointed star sticker on the chest of your figure!

Read the mini-leaflet to see how many you need to complete the BONUS FIGURE, METROTREN, with its 5 body parts FREE in 5 blindboxes (Karera, Patrol, Astig, Liyab and Kislap). Also complete the 4 Elementrobots and build ELEMENTRON, master of all the elements!

If by chance you get a transparent FOLDABOT figure , Congratulations! You have found an ultra-rare FOLDABOT in “mirage-mode” – FOLDABOTS that are in invisible-stealth mode.


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