Mazderzor has parking the hypermarket and drives back.

Mazderzor is a white Foldabot and he was a sedan car in alternate mode.

He was the spray painting to blind enemies on eyes and other the side of that vehicle named Xi-Takk, he wants like a prankster and he accepts his painting so Xi-Takk wakes up in the galley and screams him, so he laughs so badly and makes to ran away himself. He was the prankster or jokester rascal Foldabot to pranks Riles and Rangkada badly.


  • Mazda Carol 600 64'

Horsepower: 18hp

Body style: 2-door sedan

Engine: 586 cc

Transmission: 4-speed manual


  • His headlights to blind enemies with magnesium.
  • His mirrors can make the sun and blind side opponents.
  • He toss his spare tire to make a shield toss.


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