Magmatron is a giant Lutabot combiner composed of Magmabots.


Magmatron was created to melt the city of neo republica with his missiles and reaper bladed claw. his only weakness is that his body is strong on the outside but its weak on the inside.



  • His left hand can emit fire
  • He has reaper bladed claws
  • His missiles never miss targets and can make a dormant volcano errupt
  • He has an ultra dense exostructure impenetrable to heat

Trivia Edit

  • He was weakened when nuno threw a volcanic seed in his mouth, causing it to grow and scatter all over his body, giving saurotron a chance to finally destroy him
  • Along with stormicus, he was designed by malvin roix orense on comics
  • Along with stormicus and trosonator, he was also made by natural disaster related things (with stormicons made by junks from storms, trosobots made by trees, and magmabots made by a volcano)