Liboticon was a white and Italian design paint like "Mucho Libre" who is investigated to find Rangkada as well to tell Pasada.

He is detective,wrestler and his front bumper transformed into cannon with his shoulder to attach it.They also Rangkada's feuded Pasada and Sundo at the road of Marikina and Rangkada speed with his wheels and scratch the road,and Liboticon to look at the clue and capture use headlights like camera and investigate at the Marikina Police Department and tells Patrol.


  • Headlights to capture like camera devices.
  • He spins like Airplane Spin and the enemy was getting dizzying with his legs wrestled.
  • Audio disruptor waves from his radio and speakers can damage enemy to used electronic devices.
  • Photon blasters to stunned enemy and blinds around.
  • His eyes use glasses to blast use optical blasts.
  • His cannons use front bumpers with two staff and blasts enemy with boom cannon.