Larenprime turns like SLR Mclaren.

Larenprime is a brown sports car Foldabot.

He was a powerful car with his fire hands and burns Lutabots, while the moon starts he turns blue hands was icebearer and he really shift with his paint job as a particle fire or ice powered.

His personality have friendship, honor or not so jealousy but he thinks tries to lose others for making the right decisions.

It transformed into grand tourer in vehicle mode.


  • Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren

Horsepower: 618hp

Body style: 2-door coupe

Engine: 5.4 L V8 Supercharged

Transmission: 5-speed manual or automatic


  • His two doors can energize his double powers.
  • His headlights can he use night vision.
  • Photon blasters.
  • He has V8 engine motor.
  • Fire blasters.
  • Ice breeze.


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