Landas appeared in the Foldabots Toy Book 4. He is the cover Foldabot.


Landas is the first Foldabot triple-changer. Thanks to experimentation with Foldabot technology, he can modify himself and his comrades to suit on every mission. The most tangible proof of his genius is his high-flying jet mode. Though his wild ideas -and experiments- can sometimes lead to accidents, Landas is indispensable both in the field and in the lab.


Landas is a blue and yellow Foldabot with a wing-like pattern on his head and chest. He has lateral jet wings and at the same time wheels and van parts. Like all Foldabots, he has a life-giving Agimat on his chest.


Intelligence: 5

Endurance: 3

Strength: 3
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He is the one on the lower left

Speed: 4

Special Skill: 5


Foldabot ModeEdit

  • Life-giving Agimat on his chest.
  • His lateral wing blades are deadly weapons.

S.U.V. ModeEdit

  • Ultra-enhanced tire grips give him superior maneuverability.
  • The reinforced molecular bronze paint -his own invention- can repel Lutant slime.

Jet ModeEdit

  • His wings adjust to wind turbulence.
  • His tires double as hover jets to levitate above the ground.

How to make LandasEdit

1.CUT OUT all patterns.Follow the RED outlines.

2.FOLD all the broken lines.

3.GLUE one side of the Chassis to the Main Body. (Fig.1)

4.GLUE the other side of the Chassis to form the Main Body.(Fig.2)

5.GLUE the Hood and Rear parts to complete the Main Body.(Fig.3)

6.GLUE the 2 Roof Sleeves to themselves.(Fig.4)

7.GLUE the 2 Roof Sleeves to the Roof. (Fig.5)

8.GLUE the Arms to the Main Body.(Fig.6)

9.GLUE the 2 Wing Sleeves to each Wing.(Fig.7)

10.REMOVE the Wing Design from the Foldabots Book 4 sticker sheet, and STICK ON the cardboard side of Wing 1.(Fig.8)

11.SLIP the wings into each other to form the Roof Rack.(Fig.9)

12.SLIP the tabs into the Roof Sleeves to fold into Crossover S.U.V. MODE.DO NOT GLUE them.(Fig.10)

To fold into Jet ModeEdit

1.SLIP OUT the Roof Rack and separate the Wings.

2.INVERT the Wing with the sticker so the sticker side faces up.

3.SLIP IN each wing on the side slits of the S.U.V.


  • Landas means "pathway" or "destiny".
  • It's been revealed he turns into a van.His wings are from the rack on the roof of the van.
  • Landas' wing-like pattern near his eyebrow in the head resembles Marvel Superhero Captain America's wing on his head.
  • Landas is the second Foldabot to debut in a Toy Book instead of K-zone. The first is Sundo.
  • Landas is the first Foldabot triple-changer.
  • Judging by his bio, it seems he invented the triple-changing system for the Foldabots.
  • Landas can turn into a car or a flying car.
  • Landas now serves as the acting commander of the Foldabots after Buhawi's demise at the hands of Komyutatron, overseeing the rebuilding of Neo-Republika with the help of the Foldabot Diadrones and the surviving Foldabots.


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