Lancerouge is the 7th member of Rallibots.


He is the rogue, stealthy and less selfish is the white Foldabot that makes to be self-respect and self-professional on his agimat-living on his chest compartment. His powers have fire and made of steam on his hands, they blasts like fire blitz and he make them to sure how to kill all lutants like Rojotron with his paint jobs make to make burn armor.

It transforms into sports sedan in alternate mode.


  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII 01'
Horsepower: 276hp

Body style: 4-door sedan

Engine: Straight-four turbo

Transmission: 5-speed manual


  • He has turbo motor.
  • Have both hands to make prolonged burn effects.
  • His spoiler to transforms into katana.
  • His tires to slides with mud and attacks enemies.


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